Maybe the absolute spring version of pork with the aroma of oregano that matches with the slowly cooked meat.

The most important tip for this recipe is to cook the meat really slow. That makes the pork extremely delicious

Some grated Cretan “graviera” cheese and some fries ,  are the most excellent trimmings and our dish is ready

The ingredients

1 kilo pork shoulder

1 glass of wine



olive oil


1 glass of broth

1 onion

1 garlic clove

potatoes to be fried


The procedure

We brown the onion and we add the meat. We add the whole garlic clove and after they have all taken a gold colour we pour the wine.

We put the lid on the cooking pot and we boil in a low temperature, from time to time we check and if needed we add some more broth.

we remove the garlic clove and we add some oregano, salt and pepper and we continue cooking until the meat is ready.  

We fry the potatoes

The dish is served with some French fries and we dust some grated “graviera” cheese on top of them.  Delicious!